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Q&A About Releasing and Purging Trauma

Q: I don't want to spiritually bypass any necessary work, but can a non-dual awakening help to release and purge stored trauma from the pain-body?

A: I like what you say here about spiritual bypass. That said, awakening doesn't really "do" anything. It's not a freedom or release FROM anything, it's the full acceptance of everything, of what is happening, of What Is. Awakening may bring up traumas, they may be released or purged, or thoughts and feelings about them may still arise, but there is no judgement made on them, such as "this is so good, I purged it" or "oh no, it's not gone yet," it's just seeing it, realizing it's not you, it doesn't belong to you.

There seems to be a common idea that it is freeing from stress, from our traumas or past. That there is an escape, or a protective bubble once it is "known." But instead of being a protective bubble from any of those things, it's actually a facing head on in full acceptance of those events/people/things in life.


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