• Noel

How do i deal with anger?

Photo by Andre Tan on Unsplash

Q: How do i deal with anger?

A: Start by allowing anger to be as it is, don’t try to stop it or make it go away. While you’re allowing it to be as it is, witness two things that are happening. 

A thought arising (WTF? Why me? How could you? etc). 

An energetic contraction in the body (Tension in shoulders, neck, etc).

See how neither of these happenings are you. You, what you truly are is the observer. 

Thoughts come and go, you remain. 

Energetic contractions in the body come and go, you remain. 

Finally, notice where your attention is when the anger arises. Anger = Past (along with regret, depression, etc), but it can also be tied to Fear (which = Future). Notice what happens when you bring your attention to now, the present moment. Anger can still arise in the present moment (it’s the only place we ever experience emotions), but without the Past or Future, it loses its “stickiness” in our experience. 

Anger will dissolve when it’s ready and what you truly are will remain, unscathed and unharmed. 

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