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Don't Believe Anything You Read, Watch, or Hear about Nonduality

Nonduality isn’t a belief system, philosophy, or religion, it requires no faith. Everything you read, watch, or hear about it is just a concept, which, at best, can only offer a pointer, INCLUDING this video (or any others on this channel). There is an apparent character, Noel, talking about nonduality and an apparent person, you, watching it (apparently!) It’s amazing.

“If it can be conceived or perceived, discard it.” - Nisargadatta Maharaj

If it is a concept (something that can be conceived), discard it.

If it is a perception (something that can be perceived), discard it.

“Discard it” = “that’s not it.” and that includes the action of discarding!

There is nothing wrong with reading books, watching videos, attending satsangs. Silence is the best teacher, yet videos, books, and satsangs happen.

If the character of you finds them enjoyable, that is wonderful, even if they don’t ultimately accomplish anything.

Believe nothing, just BE. 🙏🏼♾❤️

“The wise man does not seek anything or pursue anything; he thoroughly enjoys whatever comes his way. In any situation, he does precisely what he feels he should do as if he has total free will; but accepting that no one has had any control over the results and consequences of their actions, he sits back, relaxes, and witnesses whatever happens, without condemning anyone for anything, without any regrets about the past, without any complaints in the present, without any expectations in the future. In a way, he is, in practice, the ever-present Consciousness Itself.” From Advaita on Zen and Tao, Ramesh Balsekar

✨Absolute Awareness ✨



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