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"You're an inspiration! Thank you for your generosity and taking the time to help me to understand my true nature. I definitely have gained more clarity and understanding and you have helped me to shift certain aspects of my perception. I also felt very much at peace within myself
after sitting in your energy which was wonderful! Thank you!"

- Yvette, UK

“We all know that words take you away from THIS, because it defies description. But for sure talking about it helps and I found my chat with Noel enormously helpful. Agenda-less, taking it’s own course, questions thrown out there and played with. A long time since I have enjoyed so much talking about emptiness!”

- John, Tanzania

"Talking to Noel was so helpful, with love, and humour, we got down to the root cause of 'my' problem.
The solution was to see there was no 'me' to have a problem!

I was identifying.... what's just happening 'as a problem'....seeing the truth in that with full awareness and clarity the problem has could say de - solved!"

- Barbara, UK

"Noel is clearly the "real deal". He brings a wonderful playful zeal to the subject of enlightenment while providing great insights. And I am grateful that he is very giving and generous of his time (which doesn't exist) and energy (which is the only thing that exists)."
- Mike, United States

"My conversation with Noel helped me to understand on a deeper level that everything is ok exactly as it is. That I'm ok exactly as I am."
- Jesse, Canada

“Spent many an enjoyable hour talking to no one about nothing! Thanks 😂”
- Alex C., United Kingdom

"It was terrific working with Noel.  His knowledge of nonduality is unparalleled.  I learned a lot from him."  

- Michael, USA

One on One Sessions

These are one hour-ish. Suggested donation is $75, but if that's more than can be spent, please send a message.

What to Expect

The aim is to provide clarity in a single session, getting "hooked" on nonduality sessions is entirely besides the point.


Watch the video for more info.


Follow up email messages/questions/comments are always free. Contact me to schedule. 

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